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Essential products for the frequent business traveler

Thursday, 8/18/2011  4:34:21 PM

If your job requires you to do a lot of traveling, you know that there can be many complications. You may get slammed with extra fees at the airport, have to wait in long lines or wind up rushing off to your business meetings looking disheveled after a long flight. While certain aspects are unavoidable (enduring endless lines at security checkpoints, for example), there are a few things you can do to make your travel experience more pleasant.

Here is a list of items that you may want to make essentials the next time you pack for a big business trip:

1. Digital luggage scale: If you are required to fly often, this handy little gadget is a must-have. It can help you avoid extra fees for overweight luggage. With airlines picking up on the trend of ancillary fees for services that were once free (ie. checked baggage), you'll need to be creative in the ways you save.

2. Roll-up slippers: These space-saving slippers are perfect for folks who have to endure long flights. They're a comfortable alternative for stiff business shoes and take up a miniscule amount of space in your carry-on. Women who usually wear heels to their business meetings will especially enjoy taking a load of with these comfy shoes.

3. Paper Showers: Paper showers are a wet and dry napkin system that help those who travel often (and at ungodly hours) spruce up after a long flight. Using them is simple, after excusing yourself to the restroom or another private place, scrub yourself with the wet napkin and towel off with the dry napkin - both of which are disposable. They are especially handy for those who have to rush of to a face to face meeting with clients as soon as they leave the airport.

4. GPS: Unless you travel to the same place time and again, the chances of your getting lost are pretty good. Don't be late for important meetings and conferences. Instead, use a GPS device, or download a mobile app on your smartphone or tablet, so that you always know exactly where you are and where you need to be.

5. Portable Power Mat: This is a device that simultaneously charges cellphones, tablets, MP3 players and anything else you need on your trip. Most devices enable you to charge up to three items at once so that you don't have to hang around to man the plugs.

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